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5 Spooktacular Tips

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

For photographing your kids this Halloween

An image of three kids in Halloween costumes, from the left is a girl in a unicorn headband and skit, the boy is dressed as Dracula and the littlest one is dressed as Wednesday Adams

My kids absolutely love Halloween, and I love seeing their creativity soar as they pick out their own costumes, it's such a fun reflection of their individuality and unique personalities. Every year, I set out to document this night in the best (and easiest!) way possible, and I look forward to posting their pictures to my social feeds. My son always asks me to do his makeup, which organically turned into our Halloween tradition, a memory I know I will cherish forever.

This is my 9th Halloween with kids, and as a photographer, I've figured out the best tips and tricks to get the perfect shot to memorialize the day.

Tip #1 - Makeup

Even the simplest face paint can add texture and interest to your photographs, if your child has limited patience just a little white, black and red paint will do the trick.

Pro Tip: Take a stop-motion video of the process, it's really fun to see the end result.

Tip #2 - Time of Day

It's called Golden Hour for a reason, that ideal time one hour before sunset is where the magic, quite literally, happens, the light at that time will add a dramatic finish to any picture you take.

Tip #3 - Movement

Kids don't like to be still, have them jump or move around, hide their faces or get in close to each other, or better yet have them act out the character they are emulating that night.

Tip #4 - Change Your Perspective

Shoot through dead leaves, have them stand in a window with the lights on when it's dark out, put your headlights on your car and have them stand in front of it, take photos from above, even something as simple as getting down to eye level with your subject will make all the difference.

Tip #5 - Candy

Every photographer's secret weapon when capturing kids, bribery! Give them a sample treat for playing along and everyone will smile on cue.

Share Your Pictures

I hope these tips were helpful and will help give you a moment to take in the Halloween excitement and joy before the candy kicks in :). I would love to see what you create, please share your creepiest captures after the big day.

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